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Forget Baby Pictures: Share Animal Photos

Dorrie nose to nose with stuffed pug

Seriously, Folks, we know you have oodles of animal photos and are dying to share them. You know, the ones you snatched from friends, guffawed over online, or took of your favorite housemates when they were doing something ridiculous or irresistible.

To send pictures for publication by the Ladies Cyber Club, make sure the images are in jpeg format. (If you don’t know how to do that, we’ll do it for you, but, really, unless you think it’s cool to be computer-illiterate—it’s not—this is a skill you should learn.) Attach your images to an email,  addressed to LadiesCyberClub[at]gmail[dot]com. In the email include a brief description of who or what is in the picture, how you know the who or what (if you do), and who took the picture. If you can, include an anecdote or brief story that will make readers appreciate the subject as much as you do. A word of caution: They have quirky tastes, our Ladies do. So make it interesting.


This site is an equal-opportunity showcase of all four-pawed, two-winged, multiple-finned, and footless beings. Rest assured, none of your photographs will be compared to images of us (see photos of LD and LL below) because, well, that just wouldn’t be fair. We’ve included a few shots and a video so you can see what you’d be up against if comparisons were made.

Eagerly Awaiting Your Treasures, 

LD (aka Little Dorrit), World’s Smartest Pug
(I’m this month’s cover girl) 

LL (aka Lou Lou), World’s Only Dog With Natural Polka-Dot Ears
(That’s me eyeing chicken eggs below)

Polka-dot bovine bullying dog with polka-dot ears

Polka-Dot Bovine Bullying the Dog with Polka-Dot Ears -C Gilson

Polka-Dot Porcine Asking About he Dog with Polka-Dot Ears

Polka-Dot Porcine Pet Asking for Lou Lou, the Dog with Polka-Dot Ears -C Gilson









 Dog with the polka-dot ears searching for spotted eggs

The Dog with the Polka-Dot Ears Looking for Polka-Dot Eggs -C Gilson

    “Dorrie Doodle: The Most Beautiful Pug Listens to Adele” -Rachel Goldberg

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