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Ask us anything. No topic is off-limits: inept bosses, demanding in-laws, ungrateful children, faltering libidos, bad dye jobs.

Don’t hold back for fear of embarrassing yourself. To encourage candor and protect the innocent, the Ladies Cyber Club assigns pen names to correspondents. (Occasionally writers prefer to be identified by their real names. If you do, tell us—in writing. We will identify you by your real name, but we may also assign you a nom de plum, a moniker or term of endearment that befits the topic of your letter.)  

It is easy to ask a question. Just fill out the “DEAR CA & AC” form below. (More forms are available throughout the site.) Remember to press “Send” or “Submit” when you finish writing. And, please, use your real name and email address when corresponding with us. We may have a question about your question which could prevent us from publishing a response.

Questions about the Ladies Cyber Club

You will find answers to many of your questions about the site—how it came to be, what the purpose is, who the writers are, etc.—in the “World According to Us. ” That along with other general information can be accessed at the top and the bottom of the site. 

On desktop and laptop computers, click on “World According to Us” which appears in red type on a black border directly under the title banner and purple ink on a green border at the bottom of the screen. On cellphones and other small screens, click on “MENU” at the top and bottom right of the screen, then click on World According to Us, Topics, Site Rules, etc.) 


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