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…We are flattered when you do quote us, but only if you give credit to the Ladies Cyber Club.

Quote Us and Republish Our Material – Rules 

quote-us-republishReaders, writers, and publishers may quote or republish original articles and images that appear on the Ladies Cyber Club under the following conditions:

  1. You must credit the author and/or the site by name (the Ladies Cyber Club) and link back to the site (ladiescyberclub.com). If you are quoting a phrase or a few lines you should state the quoted material comes from the Ladies Cyber Club and provide a link to the passage from which the quote is taken.
  2. You may not change or edit original material without obtaining written permission from the author or site editors. The only exceptions are editorial changes to avoid confusion in time or place or to accommodate editorial style. For example, “Los Angeles, Calif.” might be used in place of “Los Angeles” or “LA.” Or “last month” could be substituted for  “last week.”
  3. You may republish posts (with credit and links) but you may not systematically republish material from the Ladies Cyber Club without obtaining permission from this site. (To contract the site’s editors, click on Contact Us in the menu at the top of the Home page. You also can write the editors at either LadiesCyberClub[at]gmail[dot]com or AmusingComments[at]gmail[dot]com. (The non-standard address form used in these guidelines is to discourage spam. Your emails should use the standard form, substituting @ for [at] and the period punctuation mark for [dot]. 
  4. The Ladies Cyber Club either owns or has obtained licenses to publish images that appear on the site. Before republishing any image, you must obtain permission from the owner or contact the licensing company for permission. Publishing rights may involve fees and have time restrictions.
  5. You can republish Ladies Cyber Club articles and images on pages with ads, but you cannot sell any part of Ladies Cyber Club material separately without obtaining written permission from the site’s editors.
  6. For further information on our print and online publishing policies, please see “Terms of Use” in the menu at the bottom of this site.
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