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It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane…

It’s Milo Man. The flying dog in the picture is Milo, a 4-year old “puppy” that makes one of our correspondent’s life “so much sweeter.” Here’s what Andrea (AA to us), says about this jumping wonder:
He is a second generation Australian Labradoodle. The Australian in him makes his face a little more square than the American version. The Lab in him makes him smart and the friendliest dog on the planet. (He can’t pass anyone without going up to them with tail wagging.). The poodle him even smarter (trainable) and a dog who doesn’t shed!
Because our previous pooch Max was so spoiled, I told my darling husband (who wanted another dog immediately after Max died) that any new canine would have to be trained from day one. This brings up Tom Mikkelson, the true dog whisperer. He met Milo when he first came home at ten weeks old. Milo was so cute that I was in danger of spoiling him immediately. It was Tom who trained us, trained Milo, and trained us all together. We now have a doggie who can run off leash and return on command and sit next to us.  (Important when hiking and you come upon a moose or bear during your morning constitutional). He doesn’t beg and sleeps at our feet while we are eating dinner.
Monroe and the rest of the family spoil him by taking him everywhere. (His Dad is partial to those human friends who invite Milo along when we go to dinner at their house). He even has his own private veterinarian (his “sister”). You might be thinking “How lucky for them…no vet bills.” However, have you researched costs of vet school?
He has a best friend, Cooper. Milo and Cooper love to run, so when we hike with both of them, they run around and cover three miles for every mile we humans cover.
He has his own “blankie,” into which he stuffs his face every night after running around all day.
We love the joy and sweetness and unbridled exuberance that Milo brings to us every day.
I could keep going, but that would be obnoxious so I will stop now.
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