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Eating In

Cooking should always be pleasurable but rarely is when a favorite recipe becomes too familiar, or a new recipe seems too complicated.The Ladies Cyber Club’s solution? A “New Old-Standard Recipe Exchange.”

When Ladies Cyber Club announces a new food category—a family-favorite main dish, a fish dish for company, a do-ahead dessert, readers should send in their favorite tried-and-true old standard recipes. The Ladies Cyber Club will then publish the recipes.  The result? Newly inspired home cooks, we hope.

To add a touch of spice to “Eating In,” some of the recipe exchanges will also be competitions. Once you have had a chance to read the recipes and try the ones that appeal to them, you can vote on your favorite.

Winners who are game will be photographed, interviewed, and briefly showered with attention. Winners who are shy or haven’t the time for public accolades are asked to cede the spotlight to their recipes.

In addition to recipes, “Eating In” publishes reports from readers about new (and newly discovered) tools and techniques that make cooking faster, easier, and more fun.

Discoveries, questions, suggestions, and recipes should be emailed to LadiesCyberClub [at] gmail [dot] com or inserted in a form at the bottom of “Eating In” posts.



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