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       Sunglasses Untitled 2   SPIFFING UP -  Imagine new ways to outfit yourself and your surroundings. New styles can change not only how others regard you but also how you feel about yourself. Revive the lost of art of playing dress up. 
    kitchen-tools    EATING IN  -  Eating should always be pleasurable, but food preparation is either a bore when the steps are too familiar and a chore when recipes  are overly complicated. Readers are invoted to exchange tools and techniques for easy, delicious gastronomic adventures.
..       BOUNDING OUTWARD  -  It's hard to know what's more important—what you take on a trip or what you bring back. Explore with seasoned gadabouts the Three P's of enjoyable and (seemingly) effortless travel: Plan (more than you think necessary), Pack (less you than you imagine you need), and Paarse (customs and objects that you are tempted to bring home with you).        
CATHY girls fighting2 MG950082         CONNECTING -  Spend enough time with another person and you are bound to uncover countless habits and ways of thinking that you feel should be changed. The question is who and what is going to make the change—the in-law or family member whose idiosyncrasies you can't stand or you and your feelings. 
        ORGpolka dot files Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 5.30.54 PMANIZING -  Cleanliness is next to godliness, sages declared centuries ago. But is orderliness also a virtue? Is neatness or messiness learned or imbedded in our DNA? Cognitive scientists are trying to determine if tidying makes people happier and more efficient, as some claim, or if arranging and decluttering are forms of busy work that waste time and squander creative energy, as others insist. While we await science's answers, we are inspired by Erica Jong to explore the Zipless Clean-Up, a running series of quick, easy, guilt-free ways to bring order to chaos and a smile of satisfaction to your face.

           MISBEHAVING  -  Put away your gloves and pearls. Manners and mores are not j"Accessories" -C Gilsonust for the Ann Landers' set. Everyone needs to stay current with the latest idioms and rules of interaction to negotiate the world safely and successfully.The social skills that work in one era are likely to work against us in the next. What passes for civility at home or with friends isn't likely to work at the office or when dealing with younger generations. Get current.
Dorrie, the Pug  
        OBSESSING  -  The best of all relationships—in pictures.         

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