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To send questions and submit posts to the Ladies Cyber Club, use one of the following e-mail addresses:


Don’t be confused by the strange rendering of these e-mail addresses. They have been written this way to protect them from being invaded by spam. (For more on spam, see below.) In writing to the Ladies Cyber Club, use the standard email format: @ sign for at and a period . for the dot.

Questions or brief comments can be written in the body of your email. Longer documents should be sent as e-mail attachments, using the “doc” file format.

Photos and photographs of artwork should be attached to emails in “jpeg” format. In your email, Include a brief description of the image and the name of the person who created it. If licensing fees are involved, include the cost of the fees and the name and online address of the licensing company. The Ladies Cyber Club regards online images as intellectual property and will not knowingly republish pictures or writing without authorization.

Now that we have finished with business let’s talk about spam, a well-known word with two wildly different meanings. 

Spam, in its modern iteration, refers to barrages of unsolicited computer messages that muck up mailboxes and slow the flow of online information. Spam is also a canned, pre-cooked meat product that servicemen, especially sailors, ate during World War II. To thank our Ladies Cyber Club readers and contributors for helping us fight electronic spam, we want to share a very silly Monty Python skit on the canned, pre-cooked meat product version of Spam. (A very brief demonstration on flower arranging precedes the feature.)



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