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Lost with a Truckload of Bad Ideas - Image courtesy of C. Gilson

Because you may find it difficult to find your way to us, we urge you to write instead.

Reaching us electronically is easy. You can send us an email. Or, even easier, use one of the ASK DEAR CA & AC forms, which are scattered throughout the Ladies Cyber Club, including one at the bottom of this page.

No topic—family, finances, fashion, food, romance, caree—is off-limits. CA & AC will answer almost any question you throw at them. They won’t necessarily have the same answers—a reflection both of their different personalities and the reality that, in human interactions, there is rarely one right answers, but almost always a truckload of wrong ones. If nothing else, CA & Ayellow-and-black-ACandCAAC will do their best to steer you away from the worst of those. For readers with problems we can’t address, we will do our best to direct you to organizations and institutions that can.

A reminder: When you finish filling out the forms, don’t forget to click “Submit” or “Send.”

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