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Want to Know What Others are Saying?

You don’t have to peek through your neighbors’ windows to see what’s on their computers. Contact us instead.

To do so, go to the jump page of the post on which you want to comment.

To get to a jump page, click on Home, scroll down to the post, and click on “continue reading.” Scroll to the end of the jump page, past the social network icons and pictures of related stories. Read the comments if there are any. 

 Want to Comment on a Post?

We hope you will!

Scroll down to the end of a post to “Leave a comment” and start writing. Don’t forget to press Post Comment when you finish, and check the appropriate boxes if you want to follow the conversation.  

Have a Complaint or an Idea?

Want to discuss an issue without having it published on the site? Send an email to

AmusingCommentsatgmaildotcom   or   LadiesCyberClubatgmaildotcom

We will respond to your suggestions as quickly as we can.

(Note: The strange rendering of our email address above is to keep spam at bay. When sending an email to us, use the standard @ sign instead of at and an ordinary period . instead of the word dot.  We used upper and lower case letters for ease of reading here, but when you type our address you can use all lower, all upper or a combination.

red and black acr and cabNeed Advice on Food, Fashion, Family, Romance, Career?

When it comes to lifestyle dilemmas, CA & AC always have solutions, although they do not always agree on what the solutions should be. Rest assured, they will tell you if the topic is outside their expertise. While the answers they do offer may seem flippant and designed more to entertain than to inform, you should be able to find, amongst the banter and bickering, fresh insights and practical solutions. Remember, in every tease there is a little truth. 

To send a question, look for one of the “Dear CA & AC” forms scattered throughout the site. (You’ll find one  at the bottom of this page.) When you finish filling out the form, don’t forget click on  Submit

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