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Anti-Ageist Aging

We are sorry to pop the subject of age on you without warning. In a youth-obsessed world, we know how hard it is to think about getting older. But trust us when we say, you are getting older. 

Before you swipe the site off your screen and out of your mind, consider this: Aging for Baby Boomers is a lot like sex was for our parents and grandparents, something everyone does but no one wants to talk about. If you don’t want to end up looking and acting like your grandmother, keep reading. 

As we see it, you have three choices. You can try to ignore the fact that you are getting older and probably end up doing it badly. You can go to the opposite extreme and become so preoccupied with hiding your age that you risk becoming a mockery of yourself. Or you can acknowledge reality and, with a bit of flair and a sense of humor, do it well. We suggest the latter.

We will show you how.

First, your attitude. Think better, not older. That’s not always easy, especially for Baby Boomers who spawned America’s youth obsession. If memory hasn’t failed you, perhaps you recall our generation made political credos of throwaway lines like “Never trust anyone over 30” and song lyrics like “I hope I die before I get old.”

We don’t mean to be unnecessarily blasé or excessively cheerful about the challenges of old age, but growing older surely isn’t any harder than growing up? Rather than obsess over the depth of the creases around your lips or the southward trajectory of your buttocks and bosom, spend a moment thinking about the disgust and self-loathing you felt as lumps began to grow on your chest and patches of hair sprouted under your arms and between your legs. If you think wrinkles and gray hair are the problems then your body isn’t just aging, ageism has clouded your brain. 

If the Ladies Cyber Club does nothing else for you,  we want you will take away this one revolutionary idea:

Aging is not the problem; ageism is.

Once you understand that middle age is little more than middle school redux, you will see why the focus of the Ladies Cyber Club has started to evolve beyond remedial maturity for reluctant middle-aged women into issues of concern to people of all ages, male as well as female.

You might reasonably ask what you can learn about aging that you don’t already know?  Turns out a lot, if—as we keep saying—you don’t want to end up looking and acting like your mother or grandmother.

You might also ask why anyone would waste time reading about aging when it’s possible to stretch out, laser off and cover up ages’ unattractive telltale signs? If hiding your age makes you feel better about yourself, by all means, do it. As we say, what we have in mind at the Ladies’ Cyber Club is something far more radical.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, and we will tell you about it.

And, by all means, les us know what you think.

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