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The Ladies Cyber Club is a source of information and, we hope, inspiration on the grit and wit it takes to get better as we grow older, something children get, but adults seem to forget. 

Whatever better means to you—saving an endangered species, standing up to in-laws, taking down a repressive government, shoring up a sagging chin and backend—should not stand in your way. Indeed, age is as an asset, not a liability, in the world according to us.

N1-1-boots new shutterstock_63276454ot feeling adventurous?  No longer motivated? Facing difficult circumstances? Illness, loss, grief?  All are reasons to take a pause in your life. But when the pause becomes your life, it is time to take stock and refocus. It is time to reboot.

The Ladies Cyber Club offers off-the-shelf and custom-made reboots in a range of styles and sizes. They may involve something as daunting as kicking an entrenched and crippling habit. They may lead you to embark on a new career. They might start with something as simple as trying out a new recipe or trying on a color you’ve never worn before.

At the center of the Ladies Cyber Club is “DEAR CA & AC,” a traditional advice column that looks for untraditional responses to life’s opportunities and difficulties.

The site also has six new features, some that will appear regularly, others periodically:

FAMILY FIXES” focuses on the transitions, from middle school to middle age, that reshape family dynamics. SOCIAL CUES” looks at evolving 21st-century rules of etiquette to correct missteps and misunderstandings among friends, colleagues, and strangers. 

In “OUTWARD BOUNDING” experienced travelers describe what they take and what they bring home. “FLARE” shines a light on smart ways to reimagine and brighten ourselves and our surroundings.

Because nothing brightens lives and improves spirits like the antics of our non-human brethren, “PET PASSIONS features their images and stories. 

We invite readers to contribute to it and all of the sections of the Ladies Cyber Club.  For forms and mailing addresses and ways to contribute to the Ladies Cyber Club, go to the Home Menu and “CONTACT US.” One page you might miss and may want to read is the “WORLD ACCORDING TO US,” which describes the subversive, revolution-inspiring underpinnings of the Ladies Cyber Club. The World According to Us is the main head above  “ABOUT US,” which contains brief autobiographies of the site’s creators, and “ABOUT THE SITE,” which you’re reading now. 

Explore all the nooks and crannies of the site. Start now if you don’t want to waste any more time in what could turn out to be the best years of your life.

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  1. And the arts?
    This “topic”seems to be missing from your list. Some kind of participation in the arts- either as an observer or as a creator is a huge part of staying involved and leading an enriched life as we age.
    Recipes? Style? Much as I love to look hip while I cook I think there are numerous magazines out there that fill that slot.

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